Anka Build Cloud

Using the Anka Build Cloud to orchestrate Anka macOS VMs and VM Template/Tag storage

What is the Anka Build Cloud?

Docker and DockerHub revolutionized the way developers could build and test their software. However, Docker does not at the time of writing this support macOS. This is why we've created the Anka Build Cloud. The Anka Build Cloud is a suite of software which allows you to manage and store Anka VM Templates and Tags in a central repository, orchestrate on-demand (or persistent) macOS VMs for your CI/CD (or developers), and visualize usage or logs. It consists of:

Anka Virtualization Nodes

These Nodes have our Virtualization software installed to run the VMs that you launch from the Controller (or through your CI/CD software).

Anka Controller

This is a web UI and REST API which helps manage VM Instances and VM Templates and Tags.

Anka Registry

This is a repository for your Anka VM Templates and Tags.

Several of our CI/CD Plugins and Integrations require the Controller REST API.

Virtualization CLI

How to use the Anka Build Virtualization Command Line Tool

Controller & Registry

How to use the Anka Build Controller & Registry

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