Anka Build Cloud setup instructions.


Anka Build requires setup of Registry, Controller and Anka Nodes.

Anka Nodes are mac machines(host machines) on which Anka Agent runs. This requires installation of anka.pkg on the host machine. The VMs are provisioned on the Anka Nodes.

Registry and Controller services are required to configure an Anka Build private macOS cloud. Registry and controller are packaged in two flavors.

  1. Linux (CentOS 7) Docker container package - anka-controller-registry-XXX.tar.gz
  2. Mac Application package - AnkaControllerRegistry-XXX.pkg

Download the package that you want to install from Anka Build Download page

Default setup installs controller and registry together. You can configure them to run on two separate Linux instances and/or mac.

Ports Information

CI system calls the Anka Controller over http or https, default port is 80.

Anka Controller does not communicate with Anka Build nodes. Nodes communicate with controller through a Queue service(installed as part of controller).

The default port for Anka registry is 8089. All the default port and other configuration settings can be modified.

Linux & Docker

Setting up your Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry on Linux & Docker

Mac OS

Setting up your Anka Build Cloud Controller & Registry on Mac OS

Preparing your Anka Nodes

Prepare high availability macOS machines before connecting to the Anka Build Cloud Controller

Connecting your Anka Nodes

Connecting your Anka Build Virtualization Nodes to your Anka Build Cloud Controller