Virtualization CLI

How to use the Anka Build Virtualization Command Line Tool
> sudo anka  --help
Usage: anka [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --machine-readable              JSON output format
  --log-level [debug|info|error]
  -l, --login TEXT                Specify the vm policy user (if configured)
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  attach    Attach USB device(s) to running VM
  clone     Clones a VM
  config    Manage Anka configuration
  create    Creates a VM
  delete    Deletes a VM(s)
  describe  Shows VM configuration
  detach    Detach USB device(s) from the VM
  license   Licensing commands
  list      List VM library contents
  modify    Modifies a VM settings
  mount     Mounts local folder into VM
  reboot    Restarts a VM(s)
  registry  VMs registry
  run       Run commands inside VM environment
  show      Shows VM runtime properties
  start     Starts or resumes paused VM
  stop      Shuts down a VM(s)
  suspend   Suspends a VM(s)
  unmount   Unmount shared folder
  usb       Manage USB devices
  version   Prints out version
  view      Open VM display viewer


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Command Reference

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