Steps to install the Anka Command Line Tool.

Install the Anka CLI

Perform the following steps on the machines you intend to be Nodes. “Nodes” are the host machines you want to run the Anka VMs. You can use any Apple hardware for this.

You can find the various Anka Build packages on the Anka Build download page. You can use the guided installer by launching the .pkg, or install from your terminal.

Download the latest Anka PKG

curl -L -o Anka.pkg

Install the Anka PKG

sudo installer -pkg Anka.pkg -tgt /

Or, if you need nested virtualization to run Docker inside of the VM:

You can find Nested Virtualization inside of the Custom Install section of the guided installer. You can get there using the Customize button on the Installation Type stage.

We currently only support Docker within Nested Virtualization

sudo installer -applyChoiceChangesXML nanka.xml -pkg Ankaxx.pkg -target /

You'll need modify your Anka VM Template and Tags with anka modify name set nested 1

Verify the installation

anka version
  • The output should be similar to Anka Build Basic version 2.1.2 (build 112).

Activate your Anka license

sudo anka license activate <key>